Stowell | Russell

When we chose a brilliant architect with whom we had worked on two projects related to our work, we knew it would be important to find an experienced contractor who also had the imagination and the courage to come up with creative solutions in carrying out the construction. After a lengthy search it was our good fortune to find Donald Heggenes who proved to be exactly the man we needed.

Our house on Whidbey Island is unique in many ways, requiring a good deal of complex custom work and attention to detail. Throughout the entire process Donald was unfailingly conscientious, diligent, on time, and relentless in surmounting the challenges posed by our architect’s imagination. The results speak for themselves. The house is not only beautiful and functional but, after eight years, we still feel every day that it is a privilege and a joy to live there. Wonderfully, Donald is still our partner in caring for it, taking pride in his work and always available to us to answer any question or solve any problem. The fact that building a house was for us such a great and satisfying experience says everything about Donald Heggenes.

Kent Stowell & Francia Russell


Our experience with Heggenes Construction could not have been better. Our summer dream home was built with attention to detail, ingenuity and concern. The project came within our cost parameters and on schedule. We thank you for a job well done.

Budd & Kathy Gould

George | McCabe

When we bought our ten acres outside of Langley, we began searching for both an architect and a contractor to take on the immense job not only of creating the house but also of clearing and preparing land that had never before been built upon. The design we chose was complicated and extremely detailed. The contractor we chose was Donald Heggenes. We first toured several of the homes he had either built or was in the process of building. We next checked him out via references and an exploration into his background. We hired him and never had a single moment of regret for having done so.

We can't say enough good things about Donald as a contractor and as a person. His work was, from the first, superb. He brought in the finest craftsmen on the island and off the island to do detailed millwork, to lay complicated tile patterns in four bathrooms, to fashion an exterior that involved ironwood, beadboard, columns, shingles, and used materials from copper to blue stone. He was a source of not only support but also ideas, yet he never intruded upon the work of the architect unless he was requested to do so. This last was a plus since midway into the project we decided that three of the rooms were too dark and needed skylights and the windows in a rotunda and the kitchen were too small. No problem for Donald. Changes were made without question and suggestions were offered to ease the process. Because of the level of detail in the house, the project took two years, but it was time well spent. The house is a masterpiece and we love it.

Since that time, Donald has also built a guest cottage for us, adapting a Ross Chapin cottage to my specifications and once again offering suggestions and advice when it was necessary. He has also been part of a project to build a shop and a boat barn. The cottage is, like the house, a dream. People who stay there, walk into it and say, "I'm never leaving." The shop and boat barn are precisely what we needed. Their quality matches the rest of the buildings on the property.

Suffice it to say that were we to build anything else, Donald Heggenes would be the contractor we'd choose. If there's anyone better, we don't know who it is.

Susan Elizabeth George & Thomas McCabe


We highly recommend Heggenes Construction and Donald Heggenes. In 2012, we remodeled our kitchen, pantry-utility and added a third floor to our Whidbey Island home. For us, this was not a simple project and it required extensive planning as well as flawless execution. We are pleased to say that Donald's vast building experience, ability to visualize, organizational skills, attention to detail, excellent judgment and creative skills have resulted in beautiful new spaces in our home.

Our favorite part of the process occurred when we ran into something unexpected and had an opportunity to brainstorm possible solutions with Donald. He is able to present a broad range of creative ideas and has a high level of communication skills with which to paint the verbal picture for us to visualize the possibilities. Donald can build anything you can imagine.

Last but not least, Donald is extremely honest and reliable. With a project this size, there are times you have to trust the advice of your builder and "go for it". Our trust level in Donald is so high it cannot be quantified. We cannot imagine having a better construction experience. Most people are glad when the construction is completed; we miss this crew! We look forward to many future projects with Donald and Heggenes Construction.

Anne & David Proffitt



Seattle Times

Pacific Northwest Magazine

Architect Gordon Walker teamed with Heggenes Construction to build Pacific Northwest Ballet's, Francia Russell and Kent Stowell's Useless Bay home. July 2012 article.